Suse 11.3 installed want to install windows 7 (dual boot)

I am new to linux :), I installed Suse 11.3 a week ago on my new iMac 27’’ core i7 and my experience have been wonderful so far. However I would like to install windows beside Suse (for games and windows only apps).

I used bootcamp to create a 200G partition for Suse, and I would like to partition the bootcamp further to install windows beside Suse, and choose the OS at boot time using rEFIt. I searched google and couldn’t find a guide for installing windows 7 when linux is installed first.

Can anyone please point me to guides to help me in my quest?

1- I want to learn how to partition the boot camp drive using suse to create an empty partition for windows install

2- I want to learn how to install windows 7 on the mentioned partition without harming any boot configurations, as I said I want to be able to choose from the OSes at boot time using rEFIt bare in mind that the current installed OSes are suse 11.3 and OS X.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Bing or Mac OS/x forums are your friends. rIFIt doesn’t seem to be a problem, because it should recognize and install Win 7 OS, or you can modify rEFIt manually.
Using Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on your Mac: The Complete Walkthrough – Simple Help
Whatever partitioning you used to create free space for openSUSE you’ll need to use it to make free space for Win 7. Hope that helps.

I have created a guide about that. Read and translate this Dual Boot Windows με Linux

and fo seting grub read this Ρύθμιση και Επαναφορά του GRUB](

never heard of “bootcamp”, who makes it?
ask them how to use it…

and, since windows is VERY predatory, it is always best to install it
first…if you install it after, it WILL kill everything it finds…

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