Suse 11.3: In KDE4, How to add an Application to the panel?

I have just installed Eclipse IDE by unzipping into /usr/local.
I can find the executable using Dolphin.
But how do I create a link to it on the panel?
Seems like it has to be a “widget” to be added, but what about any old app?

Add to menu then drag from menu to panel

Definitely adding app launcher to panel from menu is the easiest way I know, but if you feel…hmmm ‘little adventures’ you can take a look at:

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I don’t want to open another thread so, in openSUSE 11.3, how can I add an application that is on my “start menu” (e.g. pidgin) to a folder view (= add widgets - folder view) that’s on my desktop.

Currently I go in that folder view and I use “create new-link to application” shortcut. It works but I must enter everything: name, command, icon, description, etc.

There is any fast way (like drag & drop)?
The drag & drop from “start menu” it puts it onto the desktop, at the same level as folder view (and I want it inside).

Thank you

Open the Desktop Folder; right click Create new>Link to application. You give the icon a name and click on the empty icon to find the appropriate icon, Under Application you only need to enter Command, e.g. lyx, firefox unless you want have an icon for an application that normally runs in the console in which you need to select the Advanced options.

Yes, I am doing it in this way but I have to specify myself: icon, description (Instant Messenger), comment (Chat over IM. Supports AIM, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP, MSN, Yahoo and more), etc.
It makes no sense of writing myself in there because they are aleady in the start menu. I thought that a drag&drop will work.

What menu?
How do I add a program to the menu?

Right click the thing that looks like a lizard at the bottom left. ie the menu select edit menu