Suse 11.3 Graphics presolution with GeForce FX5200

A new installation of Suse 11.3 is preventing me from keeping the display resolution which I choose on a new bootup. I could set the resolution OK, but it reverted to a much lower setting each time it booted.

I followed various suggestions from my earlier post, and eventually downloaded and installed via Yast the nVidia recommended driver for this card series. After this the screen keeps going blank momentarily, notably when the mouse is moved but sometimes spontaneously - it’s obviously not happy.

I can boot up in safe mode OK, but of course then I’m stuck with the basic low resolution for this mode.

even if i could get back to the installation-disc driver I could at least do something with the PC. Evidently I need some detailed guidance on what to do to the driver or xorg.conf please.:frowning:

Try booting with the option “nomodeset”

Further to that advice, read the following guide:

SDB:NVIDIA the hard way - openSUSE

In particular, the section ‘Disable Kernel Mode Setting (KMS)’

If you haven’t seen this, it may be helpful too:

I used nomodeset, and still got the blank screen.

I then booted in Safe mode, and followed the the above links to the letter; I found the correct nVidia driver to download as in section 1 for 32-bit linux, and followed the instructions using Yast2 exactly. After “Accept” there was a suspiciously rapid return to Software Management. I wonder if the install didn’t take place as on bootup I still got the blank screen.

I tried to repeat the process, but adding 3 (as recommended in the first paragraph), and was presented with a login request to which I didn’t know how to respond. I did note that the Safe mode bootup already specifies nomodeset.

So now I need to know how to manage the process from this level 3 situation, or else what alternative path to take please.

I did try using the Rescue System option on the install dvd, but again was presented with login requests to which I don’t know how to respond.

I have a similar graphics card (GeForce FX 5500) on a machine (although it means not much). I use the legacy driver from nvidia repo (installed with: zypper in x11-video-nvidiaG01). nomodeset is not required.

With older nvidia driver (not that though AFAIK), I sometimes had to remove vga=0xXXX from the kernel options to disable vesa mode. Otherwise X wouldn’t start.

You should boot in runlevel 3 , run X from there with startx, look at the error messages and post the end of /var/log/Xorg.0.log here.

Maybe you can try to disable the hardware cursor by adding the following line in the gfx card device section of your xorg.conf:

Option         "HWCursor" "off" 

(although I doubt it will help).