suse 11.3: epsonstylusd120 prints only black pages


I configured my printer via YaST (Suse 11.3). YaST finds my printer and offers me the Gutenprint driver:
Epson Stylus D120 with driver Epson Stylus D120 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.4
I selected this driver and finished the configuration.

The problem now is, that if I print something, the printer only prints a totally black page.
How can I solve this? Should I use another driver?

PS: With Suse 11.2 and Gutenprint driver it worked.

Any idea?

Thank you

Hi there,

i think you maybe should try just another driver.
I have an Stylus D92 wich works great with the D68 driver.
So, sometimes it just does not work :slight_smile:

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Epson Stylus D120 escp2-d120 Epson-Stylus_D120

According to the notes Gutenprint Supported Printers is this the default driver which should work.
As a little note :slight_smile: