Suse 11.2 Version - KhelpService Issue

Having a problem with Khelpcenter when hitting the F1 key for the manuals. It gives me an Error box and says it can’t launch service Khelpcenter. I can’t find a service called Khelpcenter, so I am kinda lost as to where to look to resolve this issue.

The program /usr/bin/khelpcenter belongs to the package* kdebase4-runtime*. Should have been installed by default.

Well HCVV, it is loaded and verified through YAST, both the runtime and the Suse branding are there. Problem is still there. Do you have any other areas for me to look at to see what might be causing this behavior?

Try running from the command line and see what the errors are.

gogalthorp’s advice is the best to see if khelpcenter runs at all (after you did check it is realy there).

For your information, in my system both clicking Help > Konqueror Manual from Konqueror or using F1 start Khelpcenter with the Konqueror pages. Same in Kontakt (Kontact part of the manual of course). Thus you may be assured that the general behaviour is that it works.

Strange behavior, ran Khelpcenter from CLI, it brings in the help center; however, not every application has a document running in the Helpcenter. It looks like all the pre-builts are there, but anything else I have added is not there. especially from the respositories…any way I can make sure I automatically get the documentation on all software I am installing from the respositories?

Be sure you have Susehelp package also will need the Susehelp language file. I don’t think they are supplied on the DVD and sure not on the CD because of space limits.

Also not every consivable app is going to have a Suse help file most come with their own documentation.

I am going to be a bit nasty, so be prepared.

It is time to stop playing hide and seek and give us some factual information.

In you first post you suggest that no khelpcenter is shown for any KDE app. May be khelpcenter is not even on the system.

Thus my answer hints where khelpcenter should be.

You answer on that is not an acknowledgement that /usr/bin/khelpcenter exist on your system, but some vague remark that it is “loaded” (in memory, elsewhere?)

My answer, taking in account that I must interprete this as “yes, it is there” is telling you that on my system it works both in konqueror and kontakt. Instead of saying bluntly: “why do you not tell us straight where you are trying this F1”. I thus hoped to suggest to you to tell if it works in konqueror and kaddressbook, but not in …

But you are still talking about “… not every application …”. Now why do you try so strongly to keep secret to us where and what is going wrong?

When we carry on with this discussion, trying to draw every single piece of information, that must be before your very face, piecemeal from you, this thread can go on for several days. I for myself are severely seduced to spend my time on other threads.

Well, since I am not as versed as you in OpenSuse 11.2, I don’t know all the nuances of exactly where to look to resolve issues. I am sorry that it appears to you that I am secretive, but I am telling you what I know at the time. I don’t post a lot in the last 4 years ( yes,4 years) I only joined this forum in 2008. I appreciate all the help I get from the members, you included. All the members of the forums in OpenSuse have been my saving grace. Thank you for your observation, I will try to be a little more descriptive going forward, Sincerely, Clois Beckwith.

I am not sure your understood my nasty :wink: remark.

This has nothing to do with any knowledge about openSUSE or any knowledge about computes in general.

When you go to your dealer with your vacuum cleaner with a complaint and you say: “it does not swallow some of the things I am hovering it over”, the first thing the other will ask is: “what things are you talking about?”. It would have been much better when you would have said: “when I try to use it on sugar lumps it fails, but on plain salt it works”. The same counts for the rest of the worlds technical talk. Be precise, do not say “sometimes” , but " between 9:00 and 10:00 GMT on Mondays".

Thus when you say F1 does not function, tell where you use it. I told you I did in konqueror and it works. Until now you refuse to tell in which application it does not work at yours. How can we help you when we do not know?

Again IMHO this has nothing to do with “I don’t know all the nuances of exactly where to look to resolve issues”, but with telling what you do and what you see before your very eyes.