Suse 11.2 slower than XP or Vista?

I like Suse 11.2 but it runs slower for some reason than on windows boxes. I have 3 separate drives on a pent 4. 2gig ram etc. way over meets the requirements of Suse. However I thought the program was smaller and faster than windows products but it is very slow on loading websites and browsing around the web? It also just seems to function slower on bringing up applications like office. It just sits there and slowly the items open up?

Just wondering.

any help is appreciated.

Bill Lamoreaux

Slow internet browsing could result from enabled IPv6 or bad WLAN module.

You need to disable IPV6, there are a couple of howto’s here;

You might also disable in firefox, by entering about:config in the URL
bar and search for ipv6. Double click on the entry;

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The browsing may also be a Firefox problem as there was a piece a while back saying Firefox was slower on Linux than on Windows.

I’ve just installed OpenOffice 3.2 on XP and on openSUSE and it is definitely slower on XP.
Installing also took half an hour for a single language version on Windows and five minutes for half a dozen languages on openSUSE.

malcolmlewis, you accidentally posted the same link twice, so here’s the HowTo for 11.2 →this HowTo.