Suse 11.2 RC1 x86_64

A few issues. . .

(1) installed Nvidia 185 driver and have to continually reset screen res because it defaults to 1200X1600 after every reboot. A way to set the screen res so that I don’t have to readjust it after every reboot?

(2) Clock applet works but the voice activated time doesn’t. Only partial voice phrases are heard. (i.e. the vocal time says it is 5 when it should say it is 5:15 or what ever the time is).

(3) Can’t seem to find Ktorrent though ‘Yast’ says it is installed.

(4) Downloaded additional desktop pictures and can’t seem to figure out where they are. I have two different desktops but can’t seem to change two others on the desktop pager.

(5) All of the files for compiz are installed and most of the places that you go to set them have been set. I still can’t get desktop cube to work or rotate.

Any help to these problems would be appreciated. BTW this is by far the best OpenSuse I’ve seen. 11.1 was not good at all. It also appears to have alot more functions and software available than the other distro’s I’ve tried.


Ever read the forums FAQ and the rules (Terms and conditions) therein?

If not, you should do it now.

  1. Try running sax2 -r from su terminal

  2. No idea

  3. Type ktor in the search field of the kick off

  4. Depends how you downloaded the files

  5. System Settings - Desktop - Desktop Effects, make sure Enable Desktop Effects is checked and the Common Setting “Effect for Desktop Switching” is set to “Desktop Cube Animation”. Of course this will only work if your nvidia driver is correctly installed.