Suse 11.2 KDE under vmware view wont run

Re-posted here with new Title.

Installing Suse 11.2 with KDE in a VM using VMWare View 3.5

Tried installing 11.2 and would lose keyboard and mouse after first restart.
Tried: making sure keyboard language was set to english. LSI and BUS adapters. Adding and removing floppy to see if it had any effect ( worth a shot )

Nothing I tried worked so I installed GNOME. VIOLA !! a working 11.2 distro… Only issue is I dont want gnome. I want KDE to work. 11.1 works fine.

I will try now to do and 11.1 install and then do an upgrade to 11.2 and see if that makes a diffrence. ???

If anyone knows a work around let me know please.