suse 11.2 does not boot from install disc on Packard Bell

Hi I have got an Packard Bell Easynote laptop. I have opensuse 11.1 installed on this laptop which works quite well. I have downloaded the 64-bit installation dvd of opensuse 11.2.

When I boot form this 11.2 disc the installer hangs right after loading the kernel. It hangs at a line called: “udev …”

I cannot boot the installer of 11.2 while 11.1 worked fine.

Does anybody know a cause or solution???

Thanks in advance,


Does booting with Failsafe or acpi=off as a parameter work?

Using acpi=off does make the installer boot which is an improvement.

BUT! The installer is not able to detect my harddrive when using acpi=off. The harddisk works perfectly well with opensuse 11.1 so it is not a hardware problem.


same simptoms?