SuSE 11.2 cannot be set as a router

Hi all,

I’m having strange difficulties with setting my newly installed SuSE 11.2 box as a router.
To be more specific:
my (pretty old) PC (dual core 2GHz, 2G RAM, 2 network adapters) does install OK SuSE 11.2 (it recognizes every hardware piece, it’s no problem), it can be set to see internet (ISP connection is DCHP) but when I set the things to make it a router (IP forward in network config, masquerade in the firewall), it just stops seeing the internet sites by name;
I can obtain IP address of a domani (say: dig – it gives my the correct IP’s of that domain), it even can ping OK any of those IP’s, but it cannot acces Google !
Even stranger, PC’s in the local netowork, that acces the internt THROUGH the SuSE box can acces OK every site.

The installation is the standard one (I let it install the predefined packages); the only newly packages sellected were : dhcp-server, and the bind - related packages. (from several installations tried, I did select those packages at the install time, or after the standard installation was finished).

In short: what am I doing wrong, or need to revise/set in order to be able to access OK internet addresses from the SuSE box as well ?


I had an internet access problem also with opensuse 11.2 (new installation). I have found that resolv.conf didn’t contains the DNS address. Can you check this?


Thanks Philippe,
My resolv.conf DOES contains OK the 2 DNS entries. So I don’t think that is the problem… :frowning:

Do you local clients use the DNS of your router or do they use external DNS servers?

Local clients sets their IPs through DHCP; and the DHCP server also is active on the router (the SuSE 11.2 box).
I used the dhcp* packages, not dnsmasq !
Also, for the DNS server, I also used the bind* packages, not dnsmasq.
Every local client gets his IP from the SuSE box (through DHCP of course), as well as his gateway and nameserver (both that, the IP of the SuSE box)

My resolv.conf DOES contains OK the 2 DNS entries. So I don’t think that is the problem…

but I think that’s odd. You said that your SUSE router box runs bind and does DNS itself. That means it could contain it’s own IP in resolv.conf. That’s the way I do it and it works well for me.

Do they get your local DNS IP address or an external IP address?