Suse 11.2 autofs segfault

I have just installed Suse 11.2 on one of my systems which previously had Suse 10.3. The old system was able to automount from another machine fine. I setup this new install to have my auto.master with “/net -hosts” and then proceeded to auto mount by going to /net/<machine>/data. It hangs and the /var/log/messages gave the following messages:

kernel: [56918.685813] automount[7529]: segfault at 34 ip b72a5297 sp b725b000 error 4 in[b72a0000+1a000]

I have the same problem. Do you have any solution?



the solution was quite easy, since the bug was already reported:

As long as no RPM is provided, it’s quite easy to compile the code yourself.

For my SuSE 32 bit system I did:

> make configure; make; make install

  • restart autofs:
    > rcautofs restart

and everything’s fine.