suse 11.2 and skype

Skype don’t start and issue error:
skype: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZNK17QVariantAnimation10metaObjectEv
How can I solve this? are installed under the package libqt4-x11 (64 and 32 - both present)


Two days ago I installed Skype and I started to folloow this: Skype HOWTO - openSUSE
I had some problems interpreting the line

su -c 'zypper install libqt4 libqt4-x11 libqt4-dbus-1 libsigc++2'

I did use YaST > Software Management and libqt4 and libqt4-x11 were allread installed (from OSS). libqt4-dbus-1 was not to be found. so I did nothing here.

I installed Skype as shown in the Howto and it works.