Suse 11.2 and Logitech Cordless Wave?

Hi all,

I’m considering buying the Logitech Cordless Wave keyboard and was wondering if anyone is using this under Suse 11.2. Is it automatically recognized now?

I do see that some helpful guys worked out the udev rules and keymap files needed for this over on the Ubuntu Launchpad bug site and I believe those ought to work just fine on Suse 11.2 as well, but then again they may not even be needed with the 2.6.31 kernels in 11.2 now.

I see another solution may be HIDPoint - Home but it appears that only works on certain kernels, etc.

Any users of this keyboard who can comment? Do all the extra buttons, etc. work okay?

Lews Therin

I got one on sale today, I know this is a older topic but yeh it seems for the most part it works but most of the multimedia keys dont work…

But hey it was $80 originally, I got it at a steal of $50 :smiley: