Suse 11.2 and BBC radio stations


Hoping somebody can help me.

SuSE 11.2 with all current updates.

When using Firefox or Konqueror and visiting BBC Radio - The home of BBC Radio on the internet i don’t get any sound.

Sound is working though.

Can anybody help me please.


Likely you don’t have some packages installed. Read this:

Does OpenSuse come with all the codecs - openSUSE Forums

To check that this is the reason, load the OS from LiveCD, and you shall not have sound from BBC while you should have the music playing at login.

Thank you for your reply.

Doesn’t help much.

Is it possible that all i need do is install an additional audio / media player.

There are several to choose from but which one will do it for me?

Classicfm won’t play sound either :frowning:

When i decide to breakup my windows pC i’ll have to buy a radio :frowning:


there have been several discussion on BBC (don’t recall if TV or
radio) so suggest you search google using the site specific switch…like: BBC
or BBC radio

or, maybe the forums advanced search function would also serve you


From the web site, download the rpm package (RealPlayer11GOLD.rpm), install it using the rpm command
(as su) rpm --install RealPlayer11GOLD.rpm
When logged on the bbc site, and trying to play any video clip, you have the choice of selecting between the real media player and the MicroSoft media player, select the real option and save your selection. After that every thing will be ok.
To check that the real media player has been installed correctly, in a terminal window, type realplay

I am listening to Radio Cornwall without any problem.


I have found a .bin file for RealPlayer11Gold.bin for linux.

i know its not an rpm file but thought i’d try:

rpm --install RealPlayer11Gold.bin all i got was an error message:

error: RealPlayer11GOLD.bin: not an rpm package (or package manifest):

not unexpected.

Googled it and found how to install a bin file.

Sorted :slight_smile:

Thank you it worked a treat