Suse 11:1 - Screen going black on power disconnect

Hi there, new-ish user here.

Recently installed drivers for ati x1200 series graphics on an old emachines d620 laptop. Since driver install, screen goes blank when I either plug in or un plug the power cord. Can use hotkeys adjust brightness, but remains black until reboot.

Any ideas?


Check powersave settings
And screensaving

Disable all power control of the screen.

Are you Gnome or KDE?

Thanks for the response,

I’ve already tried screen saver and power management settings. Completely disabled both to no avail.

Using Gnome.


When you boot, at the grub menu, see this where it says vga=???
Ignore the other txt I have in the pic, leave vga=

Use your keyboard and type this and press enter to boot:

acpi=off noapic