Suse 11.1 on particular HD/partition

I apologize for a seemingly silly question, but the partitioner leaves me very confused.

I have two hard disks. On the first I have WinXP on 250GB.

The second - 500 GB - is divided into two partitions. I want to install Suse on the second partition of the second drive. The available space is about 170GB.

How do I tell the partitioner that I want all Suse-related stuff on that partition ONLY (swap, system, data, the whole 9 yards)?

And then of course I would like to be able to choose between Win or Suse at boot time.

Thanks for a patient advice.

Select expert partitioning during the install and tell it to use that partition only.

If you do that, you have to manually mount Windows and any other partitions you wish to access at the same time; nothing is assumed if you choose expert partitioning.

Before you commit to install, you will see a screen that lists all the changes that are planned. It will only install if you select OK.


i did the expert thing and voila! i could isolate the partition i wanted, worked like a charm.