SuSE 11.1 on low memory systems (_tmpfs no longer supported)

Months ago, I managed to install SuSE 10.3 on a box with 128M of memory (with _tmpfs=0 addswap=-1 textmode=1)

Now, I’m trying to install SuSE 11.1 but, as _tmpfs is no longer supported by linuxrc I get a kernel panic and installation is impossible.

Please, ¿is there a way to indicate SuSE 11.1 than the system has low memory?

Thanks a lot in advance

Are you sure it isn’t supported, its just going on this page and its last update(Note not checked who) Hopefully if this wasn’t relevant to 11.1 someone by now would of amended the wiki page.

Installation with Little Memory - openSUSE

Perhaps something else in the page might help.

FranzPatot wrote:
> Please, ¿is there a way to indicate SuSE 11.1 than the system has low
> memory?

I did a non-GUI installation on a low-memory system using the NET install iso.
Of course, you will need network access without adding firmware, etc.


You could use a partition CD like GParted to create a swap partition for the Suse installer to use.

Right. Looking that page seems it sould work on 11.1.

Nonetheless, in the Linuxrc page sais than_TmpFS is no longer supported, and, my first try was using _tmpfs=0 and I got a Kernel panic. (in fact it seems not to work).


I have other ‘big’ box with 11.1 and I partitioned the hard disk on it, so when I started installing the ‘small box’ I had a swap partition ready.


I think you would be correct I would perhaps trust that page more so.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. I did try all I found was this thread here [yast-devel] little memory (96M)](

AFAIK that is developers trying and I don’t see a solution in it either.

I’ll give this a try. I’ll tell…


I’ve had problems on older systems where the optical drive can’t read the media properly (works with no issues on newer systems). The bootloader will work but the kernel will fail to load completely. Perhaps your system is old enough to have the same problem.

I’m booting from usb as wexplained in SuSE install from USB drive. This was the way I set up 10.3 with no problems.


…I’ve tryed last night but got “kernel panic”. Tried with and withot _tmpfs=0 :frowning:

Perhaps try on the mailing list. Unless I misread it, in the thread I posted he did manage it but doesn’t really say how.

They discuss the cleverness of the kernel or lower overhead of zypper.

But as it says, the system is indeed extremely slow and little
memory is left. I am somehow disappointed because I was hoping that
the refactored zypp would actually free some memory. Are there any
other tricks I could try?