Suse 11.1 "Missing Operating System"

I installed Suse 11.1 using the GNOME interface and the install went fine, but because of issues with the dual display (apparently a a known bug in GNOME) decided to replace the hard disk with a new disk and do a fresh install using KDE 4.1.

The install went through fine and the system was up and running well, until I decided to do a re-boot and got “Missing Operating System”. It would appear that GRUB has not been installed correctly. Did a repair from the installation DVD, but although it found errors which it repaired including the Boot Loader (why errors on a clean install?) it did not fix GRUB.

So as to try to eliminate “human error” wiped the disk and did another install, exactly the same problem.

How the hell can SUSE distribute a new Linux operating system without testing the fundamentals?

Second time around I got the repair tool to re-read the configuration from disk. I’m then told that the repair was successful and the repair tool continues only then to report an error with Grub.

So apart from re-installing with GNOME and dumping KDE does anyone have any suggestions apart from using a distro which has had it’s installation procedure properly tested!>:(

Make sure you put grub to MBR this time:
Like in this pic:

Thanks for the advice, but I’ve managed to fix GRUB using “Super Grub Disk”. It can be downloaded from Super Grub Disk Homepage :slight_smile:

The instructions I followed are here in the wiki
FixBootOfLinuxOption - Super Grub Disk Wiki

A couple of option selections and it was fixed. Maybe this utility should be supplied as standard on all ditros installation disks as GRUB can be an absolute pain when it breaks.

Now all SUSE need to do is sort out their KDE4 installation!