SUSE 11.1 - Looking for pthread library on my machine

Good morning all
I am busy fiddeling out which software must me pre-installed on my OpenSuse 11.1 machine, before i can install the FlightGear simulator.

The Simgear manual page (SimGear: SimGear)
mentions the that SimGear has the following dependencies. These must be installed before SimGear can be installed:
* glut and opengl
* plib (PLIB: A Portable Games Library.)
* metakit
* zlib
* libjpeg (optional)
**** pthread (optional)***


  1. How can i check if the pthread library has been installed on my system?
    So far i have located these “pthread-like” files:


  1. (if not) Which version of pthread should be installed on a Suse 11.1 Linux machine?

  2. Where can i download this “pthread package” on the internet?.

Regards, Ronald

If the package was installed using an rpm, it should appear as a search in yast>software or by using rpm -q packagename.
If the program was installed manually from a tgz, you will have to find it manually.
You will need to install the plib and sim gear software from the instructions given in the tgz files. The others you should be able to install through yast from one of the opensuse repos.
You could also do a search to see if somebody has not already compliled the software for suse at:

Going the wrong path. Start the software installer, go Configuration, Repositories. In the new screen click Add, pick Community repos from list, in next screen tick Games repo, click OK until back in software installer. Now you can install Flightgear through the Software Installer.

Good flight

Thanks Guys
I have found enough pthread-lib resources online to continue the manual installation en (after 4 days of puzzling) installed FlightGear via the yast methode Knurpht suggested :-).


Open Suse 11.1 - Fligthgear 1.9.1 - Source Code install - openSUSE Forums

I gave you a semi solution here now you just need some kind soul who actually understands rpm building to tweak it and put it on the build service.

As it stands at the moment it builds and installs fine via those instructions but the specs are exceedingly crude due to lack of knowledge.

Thanks FeaterMonkey…
I have found them in the other thread.