SUSE 11.1 hangs after changing network settings

I’m a Linux noobie so please bear with me if I don’t provide all the info you need.

I’ve install a minimal server install (text only) of SUSE 11.1 last night. Everything went smoothly until I changed the network settings. When I attempt to connect to my home network SUSE hangs at the 60% mark (writing firewall settings). If I turn off the system SUSE then won’t start even in failsafe. My neighbour has an unsecure network and SUSE connects to that by default and I have no problems downloading packages or updating resourses so I don’t think that it’s my network card.

What I did: -

Started YAST and entered network settings
Selected Edit
Network: Managed
Scanned networks
Selected my home network
Selected WPA - PSK
Entered my network key
Selected Next
System then do Autoupdate and then starts to write new configuration.
When it gets to Writing Firewall Setting the system just stops.

Any help would be much appreciated.