Suse 11.1 Gnome Screensaver strangeness

I have Opensuse 11.1 installed on an Intel based system using Gnome as the user interface. I have been having the following problem with the screensaver and monitor powerdown facility.

  1. Sometimes the screensaver works fine. This usually occurs after I logout and then log back in again. After I use some applications during my login session, the screensaver fails to work. Logging out and logging back in again will fix this.
  2. When the screensaver is failing, I can execute a xset dpms 0 0 10 command from a console window and 10 seconds later, the monitor will power down. This indicates to me that the hardware is working correctly.
  3. The failure mode is sort of odd. After the appropriate time of no activity, the display will dim down to zero intensity and then pop back on. Then after the screensaver delay time, the display will again dim down to zero intensity and then pop back on. It will continue to cycle like this. At no time does the actual screensaver application start. I have selected different screensaver routines in the screensaver configuration panel and this has no effect. The monitor never does power down even though I have the DPMS powerdown request set to occur about 1 minute after the screensaver routine runs.

I have looked around this forum and around the web to see if anyone else is having this problem and I have not found any occurrences.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about how I should proceed?

Greg Laird