SuSE 11.1 Freezing on HP nx6310


I installed suse on my HP nx6310 laptop the other day, it was fine for 2 days, then suddenly it started to freeze up, i noticed it would freeze when i used firefox, but then i tried something different and didn’t open firefox and was checking for an update threw yast and it froze again…

the only thing that works is a hard power off, i can’t even switch to any of the other run level’s when it freezes, after doing a hard power off, the system takes longer to boot up, and on boot up spams a lot of errors, but then starts up fine.

I did a repair and it told me that hald, cups, postfix etc were currupted and it repaired them and then i went back into suse.

it was fine for like 10 mins, then it froze again…!

this is really starting to become annoying/depressing o.o

so can anyone please tell me why this would be happening.


Something has become corrupted – the hard drive, or perhaps the install DVD put bad files on there during installation (did you check the media)?

Just a guess, but that’s the symptom that you’ll get when a hard drive is heading west. (High-tech, but less-likely, quess: if you have limited RAM and Linux is using the swap a lot, the errors may be in the swap partition.)

But you should also switch it off, open the case and check all cabling. Make sure it’s snug.


It is a new hard disk. I will check the DVD media tonight. The hard disk does just push in so Ill make sure it is secure. Has been very frustrating, i just dont give up at these things though.

Well I did a check on the media this morning, and its all happy with that, I have 1Gb of ram, so i dont see that being the problem… tux must just hate me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why I said that your hard drive may have a problem. If the install media is good, how’d that corruption occur? Maybe your DVD drive isn’t reading it properly, but if that’s so, why didn’t the media check fail?

See what I’m saying? Ergo, I think you have a hardware problem.

And just for the record, Tux loves EVERYBODY. :wink:

My first thought is whether or not it is overheating?

When you first boot up it’s the coolest so it should last the longest (depending on how CPU-intensive you are using it) and then last shorter and shorter each time.

Sputtering and such when it first is rebooted may be because it’s still too hot?

Just an idea.

Yeah, great suggestion. Shouldn’t overlook that …