Suse 11.1 Fails to Start


I was currently running 11.1, and everything was running extremely well, and decided to reboot about an hour ago due to system lag and locking up all of the sudden. Now, the system will not start. After selecting the startup option, the one right above “failsafe” option, the screen just goes blank.

I did just install a security update, as well as changed an option in the configure panel to use something called “x” something in the cnfigure desktop panel in order to make the graphics “smoother” on the desktop. I don’t know that that has anything to do with it though.

Either way, when trying to start in “Failsafe” mode, I login to bash, but how would I actually start suse 11.1 after logging in through the CLI in failsafe?

Is there a startup command to actually get the desktop up and running?

Thanks for you time.

yes,try startx :slight_smile:

If you choose the Failsafe boot option it should default to a safe graphics driver an let you login with a GUI. If it does not and you still have a CLI (startx) is the command to try, as already mentioned.

If it still fails, try running the vesa switch like this:

Pause the boot by moving the down arrow, then back up to the default boot. But now press backspace, it should delete any text where you can see VGA=…etc
Remove all text and now type just the number:
and hit enter

at the login type your user name and then password
now type:
then the root password

now type this:
sax2 -r -m 0=vesa
(N.B. the 0 is a zero not a letter)

now reboot: type: reboot
if you don’t get a gui login
login as user at cli and try this at the cli

Got it working again, don’t know how, but it is running.

Thanks for the help. Will use if it happens again.