suse 11.1. and win xp, xp does not boot


I just installed opensuse 11.1 on my compaq nx9420. Previous OS was win xp. When I choose to boot suse everything is fine. When I try to boot the xp, it tells me that i should run chkdsk /f to see if the HD is damaged, then I have to reboot.

Is there any way to save the win xp? how can i tell the xp that everything is quite allright with the HD, that I just installed another OS?

Thanks for help,

You installed after partitioning the drive… how?

Did you follow the instructions of a certain website, and if so, which website (please link)?


downloaded from, burned the iso image, installed from dvd.

My laptop does not even boot fromm the xp CD…

I think winxp is confused because the size of the HD is changed because it does not see the parts on which linux is installed. I can see all the files on the old partitions when i boot with suse, the data is defenitely not lost. winxp does just not want to boot…

I tried the HD Self-Check in the boot menu which did not change anything.

thanks so far for the fast answer,