suse 11.1 64 bit version update problem

i’ve just instaled open suse 11.1 with kde.
after i’ve installed open suse it requested an update.after i give it the oki it just stood the.and i’ve enterd yast to try from the and it’ said that the update aplication was blocked by the the apication with pid 17419 (/usr/sbin/packagekitd) i don’t know what application it that and i’ve after a reboot.same thing.

you can check what that is by going to the command line & entering:

ps -A

you can also stop it with:

kill 17419

if that doesn’t work:

kill -9 17419

But be sure you know what it is before you start killing processes.

What happens if you try updating from the command line:

sudo zypper up

It’s the update-applet that’s busy refreshing the content of the repos. Take a look around in it, and you’ll see that you can disable it’s starting on user-login