Suse 11.0 with effects slow firefox :(

Hello @all,

i installed Suse 11.0 and enabled Desktop-effects (only the Shift Switcher flip). I think the most effects are disabled.
Effects working fine but my Firefox 3.0 is extrem slow when scrolling :(( Disabling Desktopeffects its OK.

I have an ATI Radeon 9600 XT Card. CPU 1.4Ghz with 1.5 GB Ram.

What can i do to speed up firefox by using Desktop-Effekts ?
Please help me out.

Thanks in advance!

r u using kwin desktop effects or compiz fusion, r u on kde 4 or gnome?

has your ati card previously worked without any need for xgl or aiglx?

if firefox 2 is a problem u can read this how to to go back to firefox 2 for now:

Install Firefox 2 in openSUSE 11.0! - openSUSE Forums

If firefox is slow when a website has fixed element (like a fixed backgroung), then it’s a known bug of firefox 3. You can try update to firefox 3.0, but I don’t think if will resolve it.

Hi @all,

i use KDE 4.0 and Compiz. Yesterday a tried the ati drivers but it did not work :(. Now i use AIGLX i think.

I installed firefox2 and i have the feeling that it is a bit better. Are there other possibilities to increase performance ?

Thanks a ton!

Apart from the bug, which I think in this particular case is not the priority reason, is the combination of your hardware, i.e. very old 9600 Radeon and not well implemented, still, the AIGLX in driver.

Want higher fps with compiz, spend at least $50 to get a new low-end card … something like HD3450 from ATI or better, 8600GT from nVidia. I think even my old mobile Radeon X200 Xpresss is faster than 9600 you have.

Upgrade hardware.

This problem also exists in 10.3. I read somewhere on firefox forum it is a bug which can be worked arround by exporting

it helps a bit

good luck!

Firefox 3.01 is slow under compiz, and as I recall, sometimes even without it, even on my radeon x2300. It is a bug but probably will be fixed if someone notifies Mozilla team.