suse 11.0 partition order and what software to use


I am still pretty new with using and installing Linux so …

I have installed and used opensuse 10.0, and upgraded to 10.3 with dual boot with xp. I have 2 drives and I installed 10.3 on the drive with xp and grub was in the mbr of the other (non-xp) “backup” drive.

My 10.3 partitions and file system got corrupted so I am going to do a clean install of 11.0.

2 questions, please.

I have 30 gb of unallocated space on the drive ready for the suse 11.0 partitions (deleted corrupted 10.3 partitions). When I installed 10.0 and first made the linux partitions i used acronis disk director suite to pre-make the partitions, then installed opensuse. Opensuse recognized the partitions and used them.

(1) I am curious about the “partition order” if i decide to pre-make the partitions again with acronis. Should the order be swap, root then home? Maybe the order does not matter.

(2) Are there advantages to just leaving the space unallocated and doing the partitioning during installation?



Order of partiotions does not matter.
Make sure that the new partitions are primary and and not logical in an extended one.Especially the root partition.This part does matter.
What would also matter is size of swap,type of filesystem u will choose etc.
Pre-format the unallocated space or not is same thing.Whatever suits u best tbh.Would recomend to go str8 to installation with unallocated space since u buy time that way.
Cant think of any other reason.
If u want to use a tool to pre-format your drivers,and as we should firstly support opensource applications,try gparted live cd
Have fun!!!