SuSE 10 and support for SHA512 password hash support


I have a RedHat 6 NIS server which has been configured with SHA512 for password hashing.

From what I can tell, SuSE 10 supports only MD5 and Blowfish.

Does anyone know if SuSE 10 can support SHA512 password hashes, and if so, how ?

Cheers, Jack…

It is not quite clear what you mean with SuSE 10.

This is the openSUSE forums and supported levels are 11.4, 12.1 and 12.2. Any 10.n level of openSUSE is way out of support and most people have to dig deep in their memories for any features that may or may not have been part of them

On the other hand, when you mean SUSE Linux (SLES/SLED), the you are te the wrong forums and you should go to: username/password as here).

Thanks Henk,

It is SLES, and it is out of support. I’ll post this on the SUSE Linux forums.

Cheers, Jack…

Closed. Not openSUSE.