Suse 10.3 + HP Printer

Hi ive been trying to install a HP Deskjet f2180 printer on
suse 10.3 on a Lenovo Thinkpad r61i

in yast it allows me to “install” the printer and drivers it needs but when i go into something like openoffice and press print it flashes up as if its going to print but then nothing happens

i was just wondering if anybody has installed this printer before and if you could give me a quick guide to installing it as i dont seem to be able to


p.s ive realised that this is in the wrong section so cud somebody move it to the hardware section

in yast - software management
make sure you have the hplip packages installed

then as root in console run hplip to configure

Have you checked the printer status under CUPS? I have found that CUPS sometimes stops the printer after a ‘printer fault’ and you have to restart it.

right i think it might be working now ive got cups and hplip running ,carnt test it at moment as everybodys asleep.

ive also got a desktop icon tells me how much inks left lol:)

Cheers guys everything is working fine now.

first time i history ive got a printer working on linux! big step forward now