Suse 10.3 + Dreamlinux problem

Greeting to all of you!
I have a desktop with Suse 10.3 as the main OS i installed pclinuxos in a dual boot and all work ok. I wanted to install a 3rd os DREAMLINUX and went through all the process. After the first reboot I found myself on the grub menu asking which OS to load, I loaded dreamlinux and worked with no problems. When I tried to load DREAMLINUX a few hours later I was received with the message “ERROR 13”. I was told that I need to change something in grub so it can recognize Dreamlinux.As you might know of this matters I know close to nothing , so here I am seeking your expert advice which has been of tremendous help this past few days. Your help will be appreciated. If you need any information can you please post the commands needed to get them? THANK YOU