suse 10.2 problems

I have been using opensuse 10.2 for quite some time. I needed to reinstall it. After that I need help on the following.

1.The login screen shows the names of the users. Earlier this was not the case. HOw can I prevent the user names being displayed.

2.I have installed Win XP in QEMU. But cannot connect to internet / usb though the CD drive is accessible. How can I access the host OS?
Any simple solutions for this?
3.Multisession CD/DVD written on windows are not automounted. We need to anually mount them. Sometimes multisessios data is not visible. Is there any work around?

  1. One problem, one thread.

  2. For each problem there will be a solution, but please note that 10.2 is almost out of support (or ist it already?), so you will have to upgrade your entire system anyway. Just a hint, kay?