SUSE 10.1 sound - which YaST file to delete?

I have some demo software on an old PC running SUSE 10.1, and I don’t really want to upgrade it.

Unfortunately, I messed up the sound configuration for an external USB sound card. I can’t delete the sound configuration in YaST, and when I attempt to edit, YaST silently exits.

I recall from about 18 months ago there was a fix involving the deletion of a temporary or cached file used by YaST, whereupon the sound module would let me configure once more. Unfortunately my notebook merely mentions that I got the fix from Google with no mention of the URL, there’s nothing in my bookmarks, and I guess the page has gone down the rankings to page 100+ or so.

I’m hoping one of you has been here before and has the fix …

Try removing or renaming /etc/modprobe.d/sound

Thanks oldcpu. I can’t confirm the fix works yet, other things to do at work come first, I’m afraid. It’s reassuring to know there is a fix when I do get around to it though. :slight_smile:

4 hours hacking later … deleting the file oldcpu suggested, also something in /etc/sysconfig/hardware, then running alsaconf and YaST alternately and rebooting until eventually YaST stopped crashing and the system came up working.