suse 10.1 problem

I have a dual system xp windows and a SuSE Linux 10.1
gnome desktop

acer extensa 5220 notebook Intel celeron 1.86

i am novice in the Linux i cant hear sound on the gnome
music browser banshee while the bar of sound in the
highest level and non-muted on task bar, same thing
happend with any sound file on linux system,also can
not download or updates from suse repositories or
PackMan to took up some multi Media packages and
update alsa driver, Xmms, rpm files etc Because I am
not able to define my alcatel speed touch usb
driver until now…

Is there a way know my required plugines to enable
music and video files so i Will download it using internet via windows xp sys,

i want to know how to become root on suse 10.1 and what
i can do to reach these interface is it the terminal
window or what

thanks for help

Unfortunately,you are using 10.1 ( i take it that is openSUSE & not SLED ) there are no updates that will be automatically installed via YaST. All and any updates you require will have to be hand-compiled. The best thing to do in this situation,is, update to a newer version that is still supported,i.e. 10.3/11.0/11.1


I agree with deltaflyer. openSUSE-10.1 is old and not supported any more. If your hardware is moderately new, it will not be supported, and any time spent trying to configure the sound to work with the hardware will be a waste of time.

after upgrade to 11.1 now how far i need to define my speed touch 330 usb so i can access internet

this version seems have alot of problems it show me a lot of errors

thanks for help

Trying to get help on a “speed touch 300 usb” on openSUSE-11.1 with the title “suse 10.1 problem” in the thread is not likely to garner the attention that you need. I recommend you start a new thread in the wireless section of our forum with the title: “suse-11.1 - speed touch 300 usb wireless help needed”.

thanks for reply

but iam ask for dsl connection not wireless “pppoe protocol”

OK, then create the appropriate title. … That was just intended as an example. I know nothing about the hardware.

The point is, don’t use a title that is “openSUSE-11.1 problem” as its not a good title.