Suse 10.1 Online-/Software-Update broken!?


I have Opensuse 10.1 on a laptop, as far as I can tell with all updates up to about four weeks ago. Originally, the system came from a DVD, but meanwhile I have entered several update servers respectively repos in “Yast - Installation Source”, e.g., , ,

For some time now both “Yast - Online Update” and “Yast - Software Management” behave strangely. Neither do updates seem to be installed, nor are new packages installed that I select. In both cases something seems to be downloaded, yet at the end all that is shown is “Setting up linker cache - Finishing SuSEconfig - Done.” There used to be more lines such as “running xyz.config”.

What is wrong here? How can it be fixed?

In your reply please be explicit since I do not have deep knowledge of Linux.

Thank you for your help.

I expect there will be more useful replies that mine – just passing – but perhaps the support for 10.1 has finished. The Suse 10.1 support cycle ran for 2 years. I can’t accurately remember but it was released circa mid 2005. So the support should cease in mid 07?

Have you considered installing openSUSE 10.3 0r 11.0?

[security-announce] Advance notice of discontinuation of SUSE Linux 10.1](

I see you are up early swerdna!

Oh woe is me!!!
I attached a download of 11.0 yesterday 4pm. Got up at 4am to install my new version before work. And found an iso 6.3 Gb large – my downloader had malfunctioned!!! And that was my second attempt!!! I had previously downloaded an advance copy and went to instal that — Bad checksum!!!


If we had some decent emoticons I’d tell you how I really feel!


I had originally written:

“I see you are up early swerdna! Been downloading 11 have we?”

But then thought it best not to be cheeky at this hour.

I will wait a while, buy a disk then run an 11 sandbox for a while. Upgrades are a tough gig for me as I’m heavily customised.

Sweet dreams for you tonight (maybe)!

As Swerdna and Watagan stated.
May 30th 2008 was the end of life for 10.1
SUSE Linux Lifetime - openSUSE