Suse 10.0/Intel 3945abg

Sorry for another thread on this topic (and outdated OS version) but I am a bit confused over which path to follow to get my wireless card working as there seems to be several options but don’t know which is best.


  • Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
  • Suse 10.0
  • Works on school network and unsecured networks around apartment but does not work on home network using WEP (seems to connect [see strength bar] but hangs and never connects)

The first topic I found was from Feb 2008 which recommended the steps:

uninstall the ipw3945 drivers and made sure that I had the iwlwifi packages installed.

Intel website recommends installing the iwlwifi driver and mac80211 subsystem as my kernel is older than 2.6.24.

I read the README but do not understand how to check for hotplug firmware support in the kernel. I was guessing it was not as I tried the grep command that it suggested and it did not find the file.

Another way I looked into from 2006:

Install the ieee80211 tools and the wireless tools.
Untar the intel 3945 into your desired folder. I did mine into my /home folder.
I printed out the README and INSTALL files and followed as per the instructions.
installed the driver (ipw3945-1.)
load with modprobe
Load the regulatory daemon with ./load ipw3945d (should be in /home/
/intel-ipw3945./ipw-1.) or wherever you untarred the driver file.

Or should I be looking into something completely different? :o