Surprised by size of distro iso download

I’m considering moving to openSUSE but am surprised that the installation iso file is 4.7GB. Why so large please?
Other Linux distros such as Ubuntu and Fedora are much smaller being less that 1GB.

openSUSE provides live CD’s like Ubuntu
Ubuntu DVD just includes language packs

openSUSE DVD is a full blown OS all on the DVD

Because, if you do not have regular access to a good broadband connection, you have pretty well everything you need on the DVD. There are Live CDs for KDE, Gnome, etc. which contain just enough to get you started and which, when you log on to update the repos, then install the things you may need which were not on the CD. You end up with about two CDs worth of files if you choose one of the Live CDs. Those who do not have a broadband connection can get boxed versions of the DVD.

Incidentally, you can also do a network install with openSUSE which requires a very small number of files.

I have fast broadband and would be happy to download the live CD iso.
However I’m not finding it.

EDIT: Sorry found it here Download openSUSE 11.4

That looks like the 4.7GB DVD iso. Am I right?

Tell if you want Gnome or KDE, 32 or 64 bit and I’ll give you a direct link
But the CD is on that page if you look](

Thanks. I found the Gnome 64 bit as the URL in my msg #4 indicates I hope. (39 minutes left to complete iso download).

That link you quote is for Gnome 3
Do you really want Gnome 3?

Sorry I gave wrong link. 64 now downloaded. DVD being burned.

Ask if you need help
But you lost me with a lack of information

Happy to help though

Mea culpa; rushing too much.
EDIT1: I’ll be installing as a guest of Ubuntu using VirtualBox.
EDIT2: Drat I forgot the the Ubuntu host was 32 bit. I’ll have to download the 32 bit Gnome openSUSE.
More haste less speed (lack of PPPPPP: Perfect Planning Prevents Pretty Poor Performance).