Surface Pro 2017 (5) touch screen and other things

Hello everybody!

I have just installed Leap 42.3 on surface pro 2017 and it works with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard but touch screen does not work.

Can you please help me to find directions where to search for a solution.

I read that need to make kernel for it.

Maybe you can help with that? Anybody installed it on SP 2017?

I have found two topics:

Support for surface devices and solutions:

Link to kernel:

But it says that I need to compile for OpenSuse, it is not Ubuntu based distro of course.

Can somebody tell me how basing on files which I have following this link to compile kernel? I know manuals online, I just wonder any specific things connected to SP5 device, maybe there is some soft of special things need to take into account, need your advice.

So for me everything works fine for now, I have scaled to 2x all things in KDE and stuck with not working touchscreen for now.

Will update if any success.

I’d be inclined to try using the current stable kernel (as that might be all that is required to support the new hardware perhaps).

Add the repo

zypper ar -f Kernel:stable

and install with

zypper in --from Kernel:stable kernel-default

then reboot. The existing kernel will still be available to boot from (in Grub menu) if this doesn’t help.

Wasn’t that the purpose of drm-kmp-default being added? If using the kernel stable it might pay to make sure that kmp is removed and locked so it doesn’t get installed…

I was only suggesting upgrading the kernel for touchscreen support. Wasn’t thinking about (Intel?) graphics specifically.

Thank you for your suggestions!

I have tried both things:

  1. Compiled and installed kerner basing on manual for Ubuntu based distros

  2. Installed latest stable kernel.

Touch screen does not work.

To make this experiment real I will try kubuntu later today. Hope it will work.

Then the most interesting thing, how to make touch screen work in OpenSuse. Maybe there is some way to scan hardware udev and check if system sees it or now. Well next gen surfaces are real pain for GNU/Linux users.