Supported hardware. noob question.


First off I must say that opensuse 11 looks nice. :smiley:

I am wanting to setup my box with a myth backend. I would like to use the DViCO FusionHDTV 7 RT Gold for my tuner.

I have been looking around for a few days now trying to find the best card. Replies to questions in the forums seem to guide everyone to the supported hardware list.
Hardware - openSUSE

I have also looked in Yast under hardware > tv cards > then “add” to see what is listed.

These lists do not match. Example on the HCL site for TV cards there is 2 AVerMedia cards listed one under pci and one under usb. However going through Yast there is a list of 20 + for AVerMedia.

The list of “other venders” itself has more listings than the HCL. :confused:

This isn’t the question I came here for, but which one is a better source?

I assume that the Yast list that is on a running machine is going to be the better option, even though I don’t know if it lists updated hardware. I am also assuming that all the cards listed in Yast work, or why list them.

Ok for the question that I initially wanted to ask. The card(DViCO FusionHDTV 7 RT Gold) that I want to use is not listed. Is there an organized way to find out if it is going to be supported, if someone is working on it right now, or if it is definitely NOT going to be supported? Not only for this specific hardware, but for any hardware.

I would like for this card to work today, but I definitely do not need it to work today. I would just like to know if there is a way to keep on top of what is happening with a certain piece of hardware.

Thanks in advance to anyone with help!

Maybe try to find out which chip does the card use. The number of chip manufacturers is much less than the number of card manufacturers.

And, if you find out that a card containing your chip works, then there is a high chance that your card will work also.

Thanks ZStefan

Wow it makes a big difference looking for the chipset instead.

Here is what the manufacture states on their site. DViCO FusionHDTV Tuner PCI, USB: Home > Products > FusionHDTV7 RT GOLD
Chipset: Conexant CX 2388X, S5H1411

I don’t know what the last set of numbers means. I searched the Conexant CX 2388X which took me to Cx88 devices (cx2388x) - V4LWiki and gave me a lot more info that I will be looking over after work.

So would it be safe to say that is the place to look for finding info on tv cards.

Thanks ZStefan