Support for Sony Blu-Ray Drive

Sony is now selling a Blu-Ray drive BWU-300S BWU-300S | Blu-ray Disc™ Recordable/Rewritable Drive | Sony | SonyStyle USA
that says it can be used for recording and playback of video. The only problem is that supoort now is for WinXP and Vista, with this in mind, what does it take to get the drivers for Linux. Does Sony need to do this or the Linux Community.
Thank you, - Nero Linux 3 Delivers Blu-ray And HD DVD Data Burning Support | News

It looks as if the Nero Linux 3 is for recording data only. There is no reference to recording video.

It’s all just noughts and ones anyway, is it not?!

BD has it’s own form of encryption much like css for DVDs. Perhaps it will be a while for the Linux community to be able to support Blueray.