Support for more than 2 monitors in 11.3

My search in the forums here reveals not much more than was available 60 days ago. Any clarification on whether more than 2 monitors are supported under 11.3 KDE??
Platform is an Intel 975xx Core Quad running 11.2-64. Graphics provided by a pair of NVidia GEForce 8500 GT’s. 3 Samsung SynchMaster 204B’s are my monitors.

Any information or pointers on where to look for information on support of more than 2 monitors would be appreciated. I really hate to “break” the system by trying to install 11.3 blindly and find that it wont work. I had that experience with KDE 4.4.4 on this system several months ago and am hesitant to make the changes unless I can find someone who has run 4.4.4 in a more than 2 monitor environment. The current system is completely stable.

Many thanks for any info or pointers.