super metroid echos prime glitch

I am stuck, I just beat the boss alpha blog. was going to leave and I find a dark portal. I go through the dark portal and wouldn’t you know I am out of light ammo. The only things in this part of the dark world are two doors which require power bombs. (I do not have) and those snake things that come out of the wall. And a temple key, I have 12 points of dark ammo. I am stuck. Any one have any suggestions?

On 04/02/2011 03:36 PM, mich04 wrote:
> I am stuck. Any one have any suggestions?

the thing i play mostly is The Stock Market…so, most everything i
can think of to suggest would probably get me in trouble with the
forum’s Couth Police…so instead of a suggestion here is a friendly,
respectful, non-judgmental and genuinely warm hearted wish:

Have a lot of fun (as you work your way out of darkness and despair).


You need this site.

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The home for any cheater or just simply stuck people. :slight_smile:

Try posting in the Games forum.