Sun Ultra 40 M2 Hardware Sensors Monitoring

I have a Sun Ultra 40 M2. Does any one know how to properly do hardware monitoring on this system? I configured lm_sensors using defaults, but the things I see using the default sensors config and gkrellm are not quite the same as what I see in the BIOS. I am not quite sure about the things I see in gkrellm.

I am trying to find out the normal idling temperatures. My system with 8 Cheetah 15k RPM drives, two 2224SE CPUs show idling of 56 degree C with fans at default PWM, but 31 and 36 degree C at 100% (really noisy). The graphics card is a nVidia Quadro FX5600. These I see in BIOS.

I am not sure if the very high idling temperatures are due to the hot TDP 120 W CPUs plus hot FX5600 and thus expected and normal, or due to the thermal paste not properly re-applied when the motherboard was changed.

Does any one have a similar config? And the room temperature is 20 to 21 degree C.