Suitable Laptop spec

Hi All,

I have an HPE Elitebook 840 G7 currently running Tumbleweed 15.3 and it work brilliantly however it belongs to work so has to go back, I have purchased an ASUS TUF Dash FX516PR with the following spec

Intel I7 11370H processor
Nvidia RTX3070 Laptop GPU
16Gb DDR4 memory

Does anybody see any potential issues running Tumbleweed on this (Dont really want to run windoze on it) ?

You need new kernel to use it. So, use TW or Leap + kernel from kernel:stable:backport repo (plus maybe new Mesa 3D).
You need Nvidia driver for RTX 3070 - and will get troubles with too new kernel. So, test Leap 15.4 or Leap 15.3 + kernel from 15.4.

Are you familiar with using Optimus laptops. If not, check out the number of forum posts here, there and everywhere about it. NVidia’s GPUs, particularly in laptops, cause a lot of people a lot of headaches that many others think nothing of. If you want simplicity, exchange the one you bought for one that only has one GPU, either Intel or AMD. Both companies support FOSS graphics drivers well. NVidia doesn’t do it at all NAICT. If you don’t mind extra work when new kernels arrive, you should have no trouble you can’t work around with what you have.