Suggestions on Essential Packages Needed for AMD Llano?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on some of the software packages one would need to comfortably run and utilize AMD up coming Llano APUs.


I am not sure about that. But those models are competing with i5 and i7, so it should be compatible with prev AMD cpus and Linux should support that.

I found something; it is called cpupowerutils (A New CPU, Power Monitoring Utility). I have provided some links below to provide further insight.

"*Thomas Renninger of SuSE has announced cpupowerutils, a new free software project derived from cpufrequtils that is designed to offer much more thorough and advanced support for CPU usage/power monitoring and other performance statistics. The cpupowerutils package takes all of the features from cpufrequtils, but goes beyond just monitoring CPU frequency switching (via Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology and AMD Cool ‘n’ Quiet) to better monitor deep sleep states, measure hidden Turbo Boost frequencies, and polling CPU/GPU power management support. * " Here is the link to the article: [Phoronix] A New CPU, Power Monitoring Utility](

Additionally there is an AMD Liano (fam 12h) and Ontario (fam 14h) family
specific monitor. This one shows different Package Core (!PC0, PC1, PC7)
sleep state statistics directly read out from HW, similar to Nehalem
and SandyBridge coutners.
The registers are accessed via PCI and therefore can still be read out
while cores have been offlined.
The Liano/Ontario monitor has one special counter: NBP1 (North Bridge P1).
This one always returns 0 or 1, depending on whether the North Bridge P1
power state got entered at least once during measure time.
Being able to enter NBP1 state also depends on graphics power management.
Therefore this counter can be used to verify whether the graphics’ driver
power management is working as expected. (E.g. this counter proves that
radeon KMS graphics drivers are missing functionality and NBP1 will only
be entered when using the fglrx driver
A complete story about this new utility can be found via this link:

If you have a recent machine, you’ll like it!