Suggestions on backup/restore software (Timeshift?)

Hi all. It has been quite some time since I’ve used Suse. Recently I’ve installed Tumbleweed and have been impressed. On other Linux distros I’ve used Timeshift for system backup and restoration. Haven’t had any issues with it in the past, has worked well.
I’m just curious what the general consensus is on using Timeshift with OpenSuse? I have it installed currently but not set up just yet.
Just a side note, I’m not using OpenSuse with btrfs, I’m using ext4. I’m trying to get up to speed on Docker and read there was a bug while using Docker on btrfs drives without changing some install config, so I opted for the more simple approach.

Thanks for any feedback

You do not say how critical the system is or how much you have customised it. I have a single mostly work-oriented system with very little customisation on which I once tried to use system backup and restore with openSUSE many years ago; never again. It took far longer than reinstalling the system. For at least the last ten years I have never backed up the system and never had any problems from not having done so. I regularly back up /home using rsync.