[Suggestion] Seperate subscription option for polls

I know there are subscription options for threads which inform you when somebody makes a new post and is easily visible in the User Control Panel.

Polls, however, can get voted on and does not trigger the thread to appear in the User Control Panel. So then one has to go to further means of either looking through their subscriptions, or going to the Survey/Polls forums.

Maybe include a special subscription to polls that in the User Control Panel you can see it either when somebody has voted in it, or just provide a link to the subscribed polls whether there are new votes or entries, or not.

Sounds like a good suggestion, but would be a customization of the
templates which we are moving away from for ease of updating. See this


Kim - 4/13/2010 8:18:28 AM

Yeah, I read that thread before and it makes sense.

Figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw it out there plus I don’t know what the forums are capable of to know whether it’s feasable or not.

So alas… I’m not going to change. I get an idea, I’m going to post it. What anybody does with it is anybody’s business. :slight_smile:


Hey dragonbite,

>I’m not going to change. I get an idea, I’m going to post it.

I, for one, appreciate it so keep 'em coming. One of these days we’ll
get an “Aha! We can do that”. For example yesterday one of the
moderators suggested we put an “Active Members” count on the home
page…the software supports it natively so it was an easy addition
that took me about 30 seconds to implement and won’t have an effect on
forum managability.

Kim - 4/13/2010 10:43:43 AM

+1 A nice suggestion drangonbite.


I thought of it because I put up a poll, Do you access the forum by NNTP or Web Browser? - openSUSE Forums, and want to see how it turns out, though there isn’t as much posting as voting going on.

Hey dragonbite,

>because I put up a poll, 'Do you access the forum by
>NNTP or Web Browser?

FYI last month there were 1540 individual IP addresses access via web
and 43 via NNTP.

Kim - 4/13/2010 1:27:23 PM

Thanks Kim! Those numbers are surprising, I would have thought them to be closer. Are they posts or views and do they include bots?

I know at least 2-3(+) of those Web IPs are me (work, home and possibly computer club resource center).

It would be dangerous if this was in an accessible SQL server. >:) That’s what I largely work with; extracting data from our SQL Server for reports.


It’s interesting to note that though it’s only 3% of users, those 3% posted 13% of the messages here last month.

I bet 80% of those 13% of the messages was from a certain guest user or his alias. :\

consused wrote:
> I bet 80% of those 13% of the messages was from a certain guest user or
> his alias. :\

is your point that i post too much, or help too much?

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Neither. Just offering a possible explanation for stats that Kim said were interesting. Not even sure as to why they were interesting. Those stats are in line with the impression I get from general observation combined with the monthly stats.

Your question may reveal an underlying concern about quality, but one would have to take some kind of effectiveness or success rate measurement to answer it. :expressionless: