Suggestion on boot splash screen

Not sure if this is the best place to make this comment or if it has been made before.

When OpenSUSE is booting and starts a disk check, I’d like it if it could be shown on the splash screen with a progress bar or something. As someone who has used Linux for some time, I’m aware of what is going on when the boot splash screen seems to freeze for a while, but a newbie may be concerned that the system has hung up and will probably hit the reset button mid-check.

Other dirstros have a message on the splash screen, and it’s just a small useability enhancement that would be of benefit to OpenSUSE

It’s a good suggestion… You could add this as enhancement request here :

Select the product openSUSE, version 11.0 and in the next screen enter severity to ’ enhancement ’

Good luck! :wink:


Have done as you suggested. Thanks!