Suggestion: GeoTagger - Display and modify GPS location data in photos

I have written a Qt application for displaying and modifying GPS location data in photos.
Maybe it is interesting for some of you. See
It’s FOSS, so maybe openSUSE would like to consider adding it to a future version.

Sorry if this is not the right place to suggest an application, I didn’t find a better one.

I tried to compile GeoTagger on Tumbleweed and that works (I did build QT applications before, so I have installed “build essentials”

git clone --branch stable/1.0 git://
cd geotagger/
sudo zypper in libexif-devel

Running it (./geotagger) did pop up the window but after clicking the menu it did hang. I killed it and retried but then it immediately did hang.

@marel: Do you get any error messages at the console?
Which version of Qt do you have?

I built it on Leap 15.3 with Qt taken from (version 5.14.1 thru 5.15.2) and it works just fine.
Also built and runs on a Mac mini (Apple silicon) with macOS 12.3.1 and Qt 5.15.2 and MacBook Pro.


Tumbleweed is currently using Qt Version 5.15.2 and like written, it does compile fine.

Running it I see:

QGeoTileProviderOsm: Tileserver disabled at QUrl(“”)
QGeoTileFetcherOsm: all providers resolved

And that killed is there because the GUI hangs, so I killed it.
The window did build up but I could not press any key and when moving the window it was not updated.

I get the same messages when using OSM as map provider (normally I use googlemaps, see “GOOGLE MAPS PLUGIN” in the README file).

My version of Qt is also 5.15.2, the only difference I see is that you’re using the version that comes with Tumbleweed, while I use the one downloaded from (plus I am running Leap 15.3, but I don’t think that should make a difference). Would you mind trying to download Qt directly from, just so we can rule that out? You can install it into a local directory (as a normal user) and just call the qmake from there. Later you can simply remove the whole Qt directory and it won’t leave a trace.
Note that GeoTagger can’t be built with Qt 6, because it lacks the “positioning” and “location” modules.