Suggestion for Zypper dup, add line showing cumulative and total

I’m using Tumbleweed Gnome Wayland. When I run zypper dup, I’d like to see a static line at the very bottom of the screen that shows cumulative downloaded (MB or GB), total to be downloaded (MB or GB) and time elapsed. This would give the user a rough idea of remaining download time.

Could someone pass this on to the zypper devs?

@invalid_user_name it shows you at the beginning of a zypper dup what is going to change and download size. The zypper code is out there, implement and submit?

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Note that having a bottom line does not make sense in a pure terminal. It would require an interface like ncurses to map a screen. Terminals are just top to bottom writing. It’s a lot more complicated then you think


I’m not a coder. It’s on my list to learn a little coding when I get free time.

Yes, I have that realization about more and more things in life. :slightly_smiling_face:

And that would require a terminal (emulator) that is capable of “ANSI Escape Sequences”. And while many emulators (like Konsole and also the Linux console itself) do support that, I assume that zypper is on purpose designed not to depend on that, but to be able to be run on the most primitive of TTY emulations (or even on a genuine? TTY :wink: )

Thus I think this needless complication of the output will not be welcomed by the zypper designers and even not by all zypper users.

My advice is to take a coffee or a beer and not to spoil your time in staring at the screen until it is ready.

And remember that most of those “rulers” that try to tell you that already 73% of the task is done, are just based on severe guessing. They are only psychological, no facts.

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As Henk explained, there is no need for it. Most experienced users start the upgrade from terminal and minimize the window to to other stuff. After 2-4 minutes you can maximize the window and everything is finished. No need to sit there „and watching the paint to dry…“.


Hmmm… My therapist often tells me that. :grin:

More excuses for a beer? This is definitely my style of tech support! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup, that’s what I do. Lots of stuff to work on…

So? Case closed?

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Yes. All set.