Suggestion for Online Update while patching

When running online update last night for 8 hours to patch my openSuse 10.3 machine, everytime I would do a batch of patches, the updater would completely toss me back to the main Yast2 admin window.

Why doesn’t Online Updater come back after the patching and ask me if I want to apply more?

I had to incrementally patch my machine, because too many dependencies from the checking routine caused the program to demand a huge chunk of disk space from my root partition if I tried to patch in one pass. (this is my best guess as to why the doubling of my root partition was called for, perhaps those in the know can enlighten us to the true reason?)

I’d like to see the Updater come back, if NOT all the patches were applied and ask me if I wanted to patch anymore since it took at least 5 minutes for the routine to refresh the caches, and do the online check each time.

And after 8 hours, I did get a little tired :wink: